About us


YWAM Basel has been a God's dream for many years. We are so glad to see how God has prepared the way for YWAM to be in this city and from here to be able to bless many nations. 

YWAM Basel is a daughter base of YWAM Cartagena, Colombia and has the umbrella of YWAM Wiler, Switzerland. 

On June 17th, 2017 it was officially inaugurated with a Pioneer Team of 4 Colombians. 


Vision: “Nations united worshipping God and recognizing the Lordship of Jesus in their lives from Basel to the ends of the earth”. 


Mission: “To gather, train and mobilize the body of Christ to form in them revived worshippers to be a blessing into the spheres of society among the nations”. 


We believe that this is such a strategic city to bless people from all nations. There are 170 nations in Basel! What a great opportunity to share the gospel, to work together with the local church and ministries, and to train and mobilize young people to be a blessing in society and the nations. 


On 1998, the first missionary team from YWAM Cartagena, Colombia came to Switzerland and to Basel. 

Then, from 2009 to nowadays, YWAM Cartagena has sent missionary teams to Switzerland every year. 

Through the years, friendships and ministry relationships have been cultivated. 

Our heart has always been to support the local church and the christian ministries of the city.


We are very grateful that our leader Markus Buser, from Switzerland, has invested 25 years on missions in Colombia. 

Now, we also want to be part of what God has for this nation. 


To value relationships:

We acknowledge that every person has a value in God and that relationships are the fundament of the Kingdom of God


To live as worshippers:

A worship life-style reflects God’s character through all that we do, believe, speak and think. Coram Deo


The Fear of the Lord:

We are called to love God above everything else, walking in integrity in the public life as well as in the private life. 


To value God’s Word:

We recognize God´s authority over our lives and hence we value the Scriptures´ study and the obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit.



We defend Unity as the result of cultures and personalities submitted to the Kingdom of God. 

To Be Visionaries and Pioneers:

We are called to foster an environment that gives birth to new visions and where people are equipped to fulfill them.


Teamwork with the Body of Christ:

We are commited to walk along with the Body of Christ in its different expressions (Local church, ministries, organizations, Ywam bases, etc.)